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As a Wellness Expert with many years of practice, teaching and consulting for hundreds of individuals, my primary intention now is to bring these techniques and programs to the business world.  It's time to become inner-sourced, calm, concentrated, even bold in our pursuit for peace of mind in the workplace as well as in our personal lives.  Our world is changing rapidly. If we don't start now, what are the consequences?  More depressions, burn-outs, absenteeism, senselessness..more waste of human resources, time and energy.

There are many ways to implement, support and sustain wellness programs within an organisation.  The best is to develop a long term strategy that is fully supported by the CEO and Board. Unfortunately, there are few companies that fall into this category at the moment but there are pioneers who have understood and lots of research that shows implementing wellness programs into companies is advantageous across the board.  The investment is peanuts to the benefits reaped in terms of creating company culture, improving performance, medical insurance payments, loss work time due to illness, employee engagement, turnover etc.

Compassionate leadership, out-of-the-box thinking, outstanding performance, health/wellness, developing resilience/balance, empathy/team building and employee engagement the key aspects of my Wellness programs. Why not start with an inspirational keynote to motivate your organisation or jumpstart a program? Programs are adapted to each organisation, their needs, numbers and company culture. 

I bring over 30 years of on the mat teaching of these awareness based practices. I adapt these practices into tools for companies who desire to invest in their leaders and employees in response to the challenges we are facing in the world today.  Along with the following programs/practices with collegues:

Theory U 

Emotional Intelligence

Gross National Happiness     


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The important thing is to have a regular introspective practice that takes you away from your daily routines and enables you to reflect on your work and your life — to really focus on what is truly important to you. By doing so, you will not only be more successful, you will be happier and more fulfilled in the long run.
— Bill George is professor of management practice at Harvard Business School and former chair and CEO of Medtronic.