FInd your path to Optimal BEing on my Wellness & getaway Retreats

Learn how to meditate, be present in your life, take time to reflect, develop inner-sustainability by becoming an inner-peacekeeper. 

My Four Pillars of Optimal Being :

Sustainable Body (nutrition, sleep and physical fitness)

Strong Mind (focus, attention+++)

Managed Emotions (live them and let'em go)

Meaning&Sense (goals, values matched in daily life)

My programs, workshops and retreats help to consolidate your personal yogic and meditation practice or jumpstart a brand new one!  Being able to take time for oneself is an important step towards wellness and the big healer--auto-compassion--being kind to oneself.

I love to discover uniques places in the world where the natural environment helps to reconnect ourselves to ourselves or what I call inner ecology.  Whether by the sea or hot springs, mountains or desert, I chose each site after careful scouting sessions.

After many demands to do weekends I will continue in the autumn of 2018 with a weekend escape to the enchantingly high vibration place by the sea and pines--Arcachon.  All inclusive, small groups (max 8) to train, practice and share wellness strategies for body, emotions, mind and belly.

I've been going to Vals, Switzerland for 12 years now.  The energy, the land, the climat and the thermal baths all help my students to open up, breath and let go. Disconnect while in fact connecting within.  I will only be organizing private group retreats to Vals from here on--if you are interested please contact me directly. 

After years of going east, I had decided to change directions and head west this winter.  Unfortunately the Big Storm IRMA changed all this for 2018 but I'll be guiding this retreat GOING INWARDS, in the Caribbean islands next January/February '19 (dates being arranged as of now september 2018).  Similar to what I've taught for years in Kerala, India and Sri Lanka, this retreat is for those who've always wanted to learn how to meditate and practice body awareness through yoga, all in a tropical and relaxed holiday setting.  This retreat is also for those of you who may need to DEEPLY relax, sleep and recharge.  The overall pace in the Caribbean will be great to (re)align yourself and adopt a new year's resolution towards better health and wellness.  Easy-going, fun yet a great moment to experience the Deep Now.

I am planning, under the organisation of Voyage Interieurs another amazing retreat to one of my other favorite places in the world:  the Greek islands! yes, Crete.  The dates are however set for 22 to 29 September 2018.

At any time of the year I am available for your own private retreat with a minimum of 6 to 8 people in any of the places where I bring groups now or at a private place of your own choosing. One such program is Mindful FlowState, an intensive 5 day retreat for teams, friends, or family who chose to work together exclusively to enhance inner concentration and meditation as well as learn practical lifestyle components such as You are what you eat and Prepare perfect health.  Why not share these life enhancing practices and ways of being with those you care about most?   

Consult my calendar today to obtain more information and details of these exciting opportunities to bring mindfulness into your life. 

photo credit: Cosmic Art Photography, Markus