Retreat of the Wild Serenity
to Oct 24

Retreat of the Wild Serenity

Retreat of the Wild Serenity

at Hotel Eremito in Umbria region of Italy

19-24 October 2019


We need the tonic of wildness...that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild...We can never have enough of nature. Henry David Thoreau

Eremito, a unique luxurious hermitage-come-design-hotel, buried deep in the Umbrian hills with a state of the art solar heating system, an open crackling fire, and a medieval spa featuring an atmospheric thermal plunge pool and a stone steam room.

It’s the perfect setting to relax, really relax. Be silent, really silent, and listen... a full throttle inner adventure retreat for those whose greatest desire is to live an epic life.

This is a week for self-discovery in the footprints of monks, believers and spiritual guides—known and unknown, for the seekers of the 21st century.

Retreat of Wild Serenity is six days and five nights in nature for experiencing inner connection/outer connection and how to join the two-- where full alignment is achieved. Shake off the habit of automatic digital connection in order to become the master of your time, your mind and your emotions to better connect with all that life can offer.

Is it time for your reboot and your reconnection? October is the harvest and an exquisite time to be in the nature of Umbria.

Join me on inner adventure where I partner with silence and nature to guide you back to your essence, your sacred self. Learn to re-vive with all 12 of your innate senses. Become a sensual human being, as we were born to be but have forgotten. Refurbish your emotional outlook and output. Experiment your authenticity and uniqueness—or find it.

Be, con-sensually, in yourself.

When was the last time you did something for the first time in your life?

If these phrase are knocking on your door, if you’re hearing a little bell…then please join me for this exceptional, epic adventure within a mind-fully and spirit-fully inspired group at Eremito.

You’ll practice yoga and meditation, the Wim Hof method (cold water training), walk the land, create rituals to live by, pamper your body, cut the chains that bind your mind and play in this remote natural environment. You’ll be in the fields, the woods, the river— taking in the energy of the nature world during the Harvest and the waning moon period of October. As the moon’s energy decreases and shadows form it's the time to focus your attention inwards. This period is associated with letting go of that which no longer serves you. You’ll identify self-limiting beliefs or fears that may hold you back as well as work with your shadow self.

Be prepared to live and vibrate on a higher level of awareness. This week is a total no wifi, no internet, no telephone experience with moments to be in Silenco

Are you ready?

Your Guide:

Holly Niemela is a Paris-based “Flow-state” Performance/Agility Coach, Facilitator of emotional intelligence and leadership programs, yoga/meditation teacher and Well-Being expert.

Since 1987, Holly trained in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and various mind-body therapeutic practices (polarity bodywork’87, reiki master 90’s, Regression therapy’03, Shunya/Tantric/Tattwa Shuddhi meditation plus many others).

She studied traditional yoga in India and France with Swamis from the Dashnami Order of Saraswati, established by the philosopher Shankara in the 8th century and still flourishing in India today. In 2002 she was initiated as a Karma Sannyasin in the Saraswati lineage. In 2009, Holly was part of the first wave of teachers to bring mindfulness to France with Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) program.

With 30 years of professional experience, she has become an ”ambassador of wellness” guiding individuals, groups and companies towards optimal being. Holly is one of 100 worldwide certified teachers of the Google developed program “Search Inside Yourself, the unexpected path to success & happiness at work.” Anchored in neuroscience and evidenced-based research, Holly’s conferences, programmes and international retreats highlight how ancient practices can be adapted for our fast-paced, digital world to develop our inner connection to outwardly create, collaborate, and be compassionate human beings.

Your investment for the Retreat of the Wild Serenity: Price Per Person, Single Room: 1500€ all inclusive (except transportation).

WHAT’s Included:

900€ per person single room. All meals provided, breakfast and four-course lunch and dinner. Set menu of simple but wholesome vegetarian dishes inspired by traditional monastic recipes with water, coffee, tea and herbal infusions during the day, wine with dinner. Medieval Spa&Steam, Yoga Shala. Eremito asks for a non-refundable deposit of 180€ to reserve your spot immediately on the retreat. The balance due of 780€ in asked to be paid by 15 September 2019. Contact Eremito for payment details.

Holly Niemela
600€ per person. All teaching, guiding, presence, organisation and accompagnement before and during the week. Approximately 5 hours of group teaching per day plus times for individual mentoring. I will guide with my voice but sometimes not! We will wake early, chant, meditate and move our bodies in yogic asanas to awaken and vitalize. Daily walks, teachings, guided journaling and practices. Three seated meditations per day. There will be time alone; to listen, to explore, to reflect. The days are punctuated by our meals in front of the open fireplace and practices designed to help us to drop our masks, be vulnerable, be ourselves. Walks, cold water bathing, deep meditation...journaling, experimenting. Holly asks for a non-refundable deposit of 100€ to reserve your place and the balance of 500€ by 15 September 2019. No refunds after 16 september 2019.

Travel details
The easiest arrival port is Rome where you take a train from Rome Termini to Fabro-Ficulle; depart every 2 hours, 10€ each way (1.30min). Upon arrival in Fabro, Eremito will come to pick up you with their car, 40€ each way (30min). Count approximately 100€ in travel costs to and from Rome.

Contact Holly to book your spot!

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  Hack Your Flow State Master Class/Versailles
9:30 PM21:30

Hack Your Flow State Master Class/Versailles

Hack Your Super Powers in the Flow State. What is it to be in the flow? To groove, to feel at one, oneness, bigger than yourself and connected to everything? 

HOLLY’S RETURN TO VERSAILLES! Join this master-class teaching of Living a Sensual Life in the Flow-State. We’ll explore through our bodies, emotions and mind how to access the incredible state of flow and train ourselves to access it and awaken to our inner source of power.   In this Master Class you will be introduced to learn a new way of being, or really a well-being way of life.  Kryia yoga practices that flow and web with our breath, noticing how tiny changes in our attitudes can make or break us!  Pranayama to master our minds, calm the emotions or wake up our energy.  Yoganidra to deeply go inwards to plant our seeds of inspiration and intention. Chanting to commune with vibration of our making and with others.  Meditation to enter the flow state.

Teaching from the latest neuroscience research, yogic wisdom from the ancient source of India as taught to me by Swamis in the Dashnami Tradition of Saraswati, I welcome you to my first « back to Versailles » visit in three years !



« Hack » vos super puissances dans le Flow State. Qu'est-ce que c'est d'être dans le Flow State ? Se bercer, se sentir un, unité, plus grand que toi et connecté à tout?

Participez à nos ateliers d'enseignement de master class sur la vie vecu par vos senses :  Sensuelles et Sensuils ! Nous explorerons à travers notre corps, nos émotions et notre esprit comment accéder à cet incroyable état de flux et nous entraîner à y accéder et à nous éveiller à notre source intérieure de puissance et de l’alignement. Dans cette Master Class vous apprendrez une nouvelle façon d'être—le savoir-être.  

Les pratiques de Kriya yoga pour bouger avec notre souffle, remarquant à quel point de minuscules changements dans nos attitudes peuvent nous faire ou casser! Pranayama pour maîtriser notre esprit, calmer les émotions ou réveiller notre énergie. Yoganidra pour aller profondément à l'intérieur et planter nos graines d'inspiration et d'intention. Chant des mantras et Méditation pour entrer en union avec nous-mêmes.

Enseignant à partir des dernières recherches en neurosciences, la sagesse yoguique de l’ancienne source de l’Inde telle qu’elle m’a été enseignée par Swamis dans la tradition Dashnami de Saraswati, je vous souhaite la bienvenue dans ma première visite «retour à Versailles» en trois ans!

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TALK chez Lewis: Hack Your Flow State
8:45 AM08:45

TALK chez Lewis: Hack Your Flow State

Connectez-vous à vous même !

Holly Niemela, experte en bien-être et qualité de vie au travail, spécialiste de la mindfulness et de l’intelligence émotionnelle, vous dévoilera ses secrets pour conjuguer efficacité professionnelle et bien-être en entreprise dans un monde ultra-connecté

La part accordée au bien-être et à la recherche d'épanouissement personnel n'a jamais été aussi importante dans l’univers professionnel à l’heure du digital. En effet, dans un environnement de travail hyper-connecté, les salariés attendent aujourd’hui d’une entreprise moderne qu'elle leur permette de se développer et de s'épanouir. Nombreuses sont les entreprises à s’adapter par conséquent à l'évolution rapide de la société pour maintenir le lien humain et la connexion émotionnelle dans leur structure.

Vous souhaitez développer des qualités propres au leadership moderne comme l'appréciation, l'écoute, le charisme ou l'authenticité ?


L’agence LEWIS France (@teamlewis_fr) vous invite le jeudi 7 juin 2018 de 8h45 à 10h30 à sa 21ème Table-Ronde LEWIS. Holly Niemela vous présentera sa vision du monde digital et vous aidera à retrouver un meilleur équilibre entre vie pro / vie perso.


Contacts LEWIS pour confirmer votre présence (attention 15 places) :

Nicolas Lefèvre / Hugues Bantigny

Tél : 01 85 65 86 14 / 01 85 65 86 29

Email : /


Adresse agence LEWIS :

1, place d’Estienne d’Orves, 3ème étage

75009 Paris

Tél : 01 85 65 86 00

Arrêts de métro les plus proches : Trinité d’Estienne d’Orves ou Saint-Lazare L12 ou encore Liège L13.

Accès voiture : parking Vinci, à proximité de la rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle.



A propos de LEWIS :

LEWIS est une agence mondiale de communication conçue pour résoudre les quatre défis des marques : notoriété, demande, adoption et promotion.

LEWIS conjugue services RP, marketing et digitaux pour apporter des résultats tangibles à ses clients dans le monde entier. Son approche agile permet aux marques de s’adapter aux opportunités du marché et de gagner la bataille de la pertinence. Maintes fois nommée comme l’une des agences à la croissance la plus rapide, LEWIS est forte de 550 collaborateurs répartis dans 30 bureaux à travers l’Amérique du Nord, l’Europe et l’Asie.

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Forum OECD
8:30 AM08:30

Forum OECD

Mindfulness is redesigning our inner landscapes, giving access to our unlimited internal resources, helping us to find solutions to society’s problems peacefully.
— Holly Niemela, Wellness Expert, OECD Forum 2016

Information and Registration to attend the 2018 OECD Forum.

I will be leading a Morning Mindfulness session on the 29 and 30 May at 8:30am in Paris at the OECD Forum.  Join me and start your day at the Forum with presence and alignement.

 (program 2018 not yet on line)  Program of the Forum 2017.

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SensUelles/ils Weekend
to May 6

SensUelles/ils Weekend

Live by sensation.  Pure sensation of your senses and not your mind.  Figure it out. Train to feel through touch, smell, taste, hearing, seeing and intuiting. Kick the habit of constant connection to the virtual world and reconnect to the natural world and yourself. 

Here in the Bassin d’Arcachon that means sand, sea & pine.  With my work that means body & soul. Soar within yourself by remembering the simple practices handed over to us from peaceful warriors, wisewomen and sages.  Fire, along with gifts from the earth and the sea will be part of our ritual of connection.  Breathwork training to immerse yourself with the sea for a 2 minute, intense meditation (1 morning). Yoga asanas to stretch, strengthen and stimulate. Meditation, long seated practices to relive the sensation of being a part of Nature. 

I’m really pleased to offer this for 3 mornings only, a mini-retreat in my special abode in the center of Le Moulleau, just 100 meters from the sea.  My lifestyle is the result of many years of practice, teaching and learning from the four corners of this earth—what was once frowned upon is now revered : From yoga, meditation or birkenstocks to kefir and kombucha !! Intensive training, intensive living, intentions to keep.

 Daily Classes 9h to 11h30 from Fri May 3 to Sunday May 5, 2019. Contact Holly for more information and to reserve your place.


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Change Leader Breakfast Presentation
8:30 AM08:30

Change Leader Breakfast Presentation

Dans un monde en mutation profonde et rapide tant sur le plan technologique, qu’économique ou encore politique, les organisations doivent se transformer en profondeur et pour cela, initier un état d’esprit plus ouvert, une conscience de soi accrue pour mieux collaborer et donner le meilleur de soi.


Nous souhaitons partager avec vous notre conviction, profonde, que dans les organisations, la performance collective doit être construite en favorisant l’épanouissement des collaborateurs. Afin de faire face aux immenses défis que nous devons relever, cette transformation appelle de nouvelles compétences, un nouvel état d’esprit et la capacité à se transformer individuellement.  

Nous vous convions le mardi 19 septembre à 8h30 à un petit déjeuner sur le thème

Comment devenir, individuellement, un acteur de la transformation collective?

Nous allons présenter notre réponse à cette question avec le programme inédit: « Change Leader »,  un cursus de développement professionnel d’un nouveau genre qui prend en compte l’esprit, le corps et le coeur et donne les clés pour acquérir de nouveaux modes de fonctionnement personnel et professionnel.

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OECD 2017 Forum
8:30 AM08:30

OECD 2017 Forum

OECD Forum 2016 will be remembered for a rising tide of populism, nationalism and historically low levels of trust.

The 2017 Forum (6-7 June) will place a central emphasis on the need for policies winning back the confidence of those who feel left behind, fearful of the impact of globalisation, increasing migration flows, and the unprecedented speed of technological development. 

How can we bridge divides to build more inclusive societies?

I am honored to be invited back again to the OECD Forum the 6-7 June 2017 in Paris.  I will lead a mindfulness meditation session on each morning before the Forum starts @8h30 in the Discovery Lab (next to the coffee!).   What better way to become more inwardly connected each day of the Forum?

On tuesday at 13h45 I will join Raphael Geilgen, head of Trendscouting at Vitra in the Discovery Lab for a Talk Together entitled: "Is technology fueling the empathy deficit?".  A vital discussion in our digital world today. 

For more information:

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Be Bold for Change @dailymotion
9:00 AM09:00

Be Bold for Change @dailymotion

Dailymotion a le plaisir d'organiser pour la première fois une série de conférences et d'ateliers qui auront lieu le 7 mars 2017 à l'occasion de la Journée Internationale des Femmes.


9h15 – 11h30

Florence Servan Schreiber

Aurelie Irurzun, Stephanie Robelus, Gabrielle Loeb - HAVAS GROUP

Holly Niemela

Charlotte Bize Stribley

12h - 13h ATELIERS*
Holly Niemela : Introduction au mindfulness
Charlotte Bize Stribley : Découvrir son essence 

13h - 14h30 DEJEUNER

14h30 - 17h30

Florence Faure

Stéphanie Cabale

Holly Niemela : Intelligence émotionnelle
Charlotte Bize Stribley : Concrétiser son projet

Olivia Moore




* Attention, les ateliers ont lieu en parallèle le matin et l'après midi. 

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