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SensUelles. Weekend Mini Retreat

Live by sensation.  Pure sensation of your senses and not your mind.  Figure it out. Train to feel through touch, smell, taste, hearing, seeing and intuiting. Kick the habit of constant connection to the virtual world and reconnect to the natural world and yourself. 

Here in the Bassin d’Arcachon that means sand, sea & pine.  With my work that means body & soul. Soar within yourself by remembering the simple practices handed over to us from peaceful warriors, wisewomen and sages.  Fire, along with gifts from the earth and the sea will be part of our ritual of connection.  Breathwork training to immerse yourself with the sea for a 2 minute, intense meditation. Yoga asanas to stretch, strengthen and stimulate. Meditation, long seated practices to relive the sensation of being a part of Nature.  Healthy, organic food—along with teachings from the team of C'est Si Bon will be another important element of the weekends.

I’m really pleased to offer the first weekend mini-retreat in my special abode in the center of Le Moulleau, just 100 meters from the sea.  My lifestyle is the result of many years of practice, teaching and learning from the four corners of this earth—what was once frowned upon is now revered : From yoga, meditation or birkenstocks to kefir and kombucha !! Intensive training, intensive living, intentions to keep.